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Yellow/Amber Light on Concentrator

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10 LPM Concentrator:

Recent Mod­el Only

This guide is only for our most recent con­cen­tra­tor mod­el. The new mod­el has 3 indi­ca­tor lights on the front. The old­er ver­sion only had only 1.

When you first get your sys­tem, it has been in unin­su­lat­ed stor­age and trans­porta­tion facil­i­ties. It can take up to 24hrs to warm up, and until then it may not func­tion prop­er­ly.

Prop­er func­tion­ing is that when you first turn on the machine, the lights will flash and go out. After a peri­od of time that can be 1/2 minute to 5 min­utes, the O2 light will come on. It may be accom­pa­nied by peri­od­ic beeps. This can con­tin­ue for a while, 5 – 15 min­utes. After that it should go off and stay off.

If the light is stay­ing on after 15 or 20 min­utes, one pos­si­bil­i­ty is that there is mois­ture in the sieve beds. Try run­ning it for 12 hours, turn it off for 8 – 12 hours, then turn it back on and see what hap­pens.

If the flow ball has been set above the 10 line:
Turn it down to 5. Push the reset but­ton. Let it run for 15 min­utes. If the yel­low light goes out, turn it back up to 10, but not above 10.

20 LMP Concentrator

The 20 LMP con­fig­u­ra­tion is made of two 10 LMP con­cen­tra­tor that are con­nect­ed. If you have a yel­low light on one of the con­cen­tra­tors please fol­low the instruc­tions above.

5 LPM Concentrator

Please call us if your 5 LMP con­cen­tra­tor has a yel­low light to trou­bleshoot.

Updated on August 1, 2019

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