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How to Setup a System for the First Time

This video tuto­r­i­al series will walk you through how to unpack, set­up, and use your LiveO2® Sys­tem.

Please Fol­low Video Order

Make sure to watch the videos in order. Fol­low­ing the videos out of order could result in dam­age to your sys­tem.

1) How to Open Your New LiveO2 Box

2) What Comes in Your LiveO2 Box

3) Unpacking Your LiveO2 Stands

4) How to Assemble the LiveO2 Stands

5) How to Unwrap Your LiveO2 Reservoir

6) How to Hang the LiveO2 Reservoir

7) Unpacking Your LiveO2 Air Separator

8) Features of the Back and Front of Air Separator

Note — we have removed the tilt and shock indi­ca­tors because they do not work. We are updat­ing the video. Thanks for under­stand­ing.

9) How to Connect Your LiveO2 System

10) Advantages of the 20L Adaptive Contrast® System

11) Setting Up a 20L Adaptive Contrast

12) What Comes in Your Mask Kit

13) How to Put on Your Mask Kit

14) Unpacking Your LiveO2 Pulse Oximeter

Updated on September 18, 2019

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