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How to Size the Premium Mask

Our pre­mi­um mask comes in four sizes. To get the best face mask size fit you should down­load our siz­ing guide.

You can down­load and then print the siz­ing guide here

Ver­i­fy gauge is to scale

When you print, place a ruler next to the ruler on the page and make sure they match up. 

Measuring Directions

  1. Length mea­sure­ments are used to deter­mine the size of the LiveO2 mask that will best fit you. for mea­sure­ment, the indi­vid­ual facial mus­cles should be relaxed and jaw closed.
  2. Place the gauge tip to the deep­est point of the nasal root depres­sion (sel­l­ion) and note the size indi­ca­tion where the bot­tom of the chin exits the gauge.

If you are between sizes, we rec­om­mend you use the small­er size.

Updated on November 1, 2019

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